Penelope is a very beautiful French poodle. She is pink and wears a magenta dog collar, a matching skirt and purple undergarments. Despite her beauty, Penelope is a little bit snobbish but she has a good heart. She wants to get to her mistress, Blinky, Nutsy and Flap meet her in a circus where she rides on a rope in the Circus Brothers' Circus. She travels around the world with Blinky, Nutsy, Flap and other animals. She has a diamond necklace, that she was given from her Mistress.

Bio in Season Three Edit


Penelope originally lived in Paris, France under the ownership of an unnamed mistress. At some point Penelope was kidnapped and forced to live in a circus under the custody of Basil and Cyril Circus. Her mistress had then moved to a new home and adopted a cat named Fifi as a replacement, but still mourned losing Penelope.

Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon AdventureEdit

When Blinky and his friends first meet Penelope she is a rope-dancer in the Circus Bro's Circus. Blinky rescues her along with the other circus-animals and she travels with him around the world. In "Leo Leads the Way" she dressed Nutsy up as a princess. In "Diamonds Are Forever" the Circus Brothers steal her necklace (thanks to Tico) and she gets herself caught in an attempt to reclaim it, luckily Ling Ling brings it back (having fooled the brothers and Blinky into thinking she had thrown it into a stream). In "Baby Elephant Walk" she was actually against helping Kiku get well from a disease at first, but warmed up and became more enthusiastic after persuasions by Nutsy. In "Poisoned Penelope" she is poisoned by the flower called Purple Devil in the Amazon jungle and nearly died from it, but was saved by The Environmentalists. In "A Dog's Best Friend" she finally returns to Paris and eventually finds her mistress, but her mistress has a cat now. She was originally going to trade her necklace to Maurice (a male poodle who is quite heartless himself) for a new home (believing her mistress doesn't miss her at all) but surrenders her necklace to the Circus brothers for Fifi and her Mistress gets her back, Blinky also returns the necklace after trading Cyril's teddy-bear for it and it was here that Penelope bids her rescuers farewell. but she returns with the rest of the circus animals to meet blinky and his friends in Australia in blinky bills dingo band she meets shifty Dingo Marcia and splodge and joins to live in Australia and joins blinkys gang and Danny dingo tries to steel the necklace and danny teams up with Basil Circus and Maurice she becom shiftys big sister

Voiced by Edit

  • Robyn Moore

Gallery Edit

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