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The Adventures of Blinky Bill

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Yoram Gross


Keith Scott


Leo (father)
Claude (son)


Basil Circus
Cyril Circus
The Poachers



Rex is Leo's Son, King of the Mumbada Pride. He wears light brown shorts with a belt.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit


Rex was first lost in a storm, calling out to his father for rescue, but Leo was captured in a net and couldn't. Though Rex himself avoided the same fate, he began hating his father ever since (whether or not he was aware that Leo was in trouble at the same time is a mystery). At some point during his adulthood he got a wife and a cub of his own named Claude.

Leo Leads the WayEdit

He only appears in this episode. When he saw his son with his long-lost father together, Rex was aggressive at first until he recognized Leo, but wasn't exactly keen on welcoming him back, though he does allow Leo to accompany them after Claude persuaded him. While watching his son and father playing, Rex admits he still holds a grudge at Leo towards a lioness (presumably his wife) and when he saw both of them not moving when poachers were heading in their direction he knocks some sense in Leo, only to kick him out after they were safe, his hatred still burning bright and refusing to be persuaded by Claude again. Later after seeing his son in a cage he attempted to rescue him, ignoring Leo and Blinky's warnings that it was a trap until he and the latter were caught. Rex attempted to break out of his cage but eventually admitted defeat. When he saw Leo cunningly lure the poachers and circus brothers into their own nets Rex admitted he was impressed. Later, after he knew what Leo felt back then (that breaking out of man-made traps was almost impossible no matter how strong you are) Rex finally saw the errors of his ways and apologizes to Leo, also wanting him to stay to which Leo accepts. He was last seen waving goodbye to Leo's friends along with his father and son.


At first Rex was shown to be protective and paranoid, mostly due to a past experience. Unlike his own father Rex is brave (which is one of the reasons why he loathed Leo). He could also be stubborn and reckless, which became his undoing when he tried to save his own son who was in a cage placed near a hidden net (having refusing to listen to Leo and Blinky's warnings to be careful). After he was saved and knowing how Leo felt he became remorseful for his hatred toward Leo and was happy to have him back.