Ruff is a green frill-necked lizard who often wears a yellow shirt.


Blinky Bill: The Mischievous KoalaEdit

He is seen as only a background character, and doesn't have any roles.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

He is seen as a secondary character, but he does have his moments. In "Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe he got kissed by Daisy Dingo, much to his shock.


ruff is nice helpful loyal kind lovablue brave fearless wacky fast but can be rude especially to shifty Dingo by shouting at him nutsy flap Marcia blinky and splodge scolded him for being mean to shifty and ruff apologizes to him not always but sometimes nutsy scoldes ruff for being such of a bully and a meanie to shifty ruff is also cranky and crazy


Voiced byEdit

  • TBA

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