Shifty Dingo
Shifty Dingo is the youngest brother of Danny Dingo, Daisy Dingo and Meatball Dingo.attila dingo Chauncey dingo clamatity ing and butch dingo blacktooth cutter Loki and butch Roy dingo Morton dingo Larry dingo Ludwig dingo Wendy dingo iggy dingo lemmy dingo bowser jr dingo me mow dingo Chester dingo And Evita dingo And Todd dingo he has twoadopted sisters and brothe three wild young hawain dingo boy and girls named Sonia and lulu Charlie band his real siblings spike Olaf Belle marbles Andy Molly and rover Snoopy and Tyler and is the most Kindnest one He lives in the Dingo's house with his mother and siblings.


At first Shifty was seen to be not as bad as the rest of his family. He never admired Danny Dingo and Shifty always did what Danny ordered him. Despite this good experience, he becomes a member of Blinky´s gang. He is a coward and very easy to scare (polar bear Boris, Wallace and George, or in cinema). He always likes someone serving Danny, Daisy or Blinky. But he is also shown to be kind sweet and gentle and he has a crush on Nutsy and is caring and lovable and funny brave and smart and Marcia bullies him and Nutsy sticks up for him he hangs out with flap and listens to blinkys orders he also hangs out with splodge he is shy but bright and helpful Nutsy always kisses him on the cheek lips or nose Yoyo plays pranks on him Penelope now becomes his sister Ling Ling helps him with magic Leo now becomes his brother slippery plays ball with him and Tico live with him and helps Danny with his schemes ruff can be rude to him the rest of the Blinky Bill gang are nice and kind to him and help him stand up to bullies and have fun shifty is very fun and happy nutsy always gives him hugs he gets bullied by Algenon nutsy stands up for shifty Danny bullies him to so does dannyes gang blinky nutsy flap splodge marcia and the rest of the crew help him stand up to danny and his crew but his his other siblings respect him and are members of blinky s crew and shifty is polite loyal and friendly

Bio Edit

Season one Edit

He is one of the main character in the first season. For the majority of the season he is usually a friend of Blinky and co, he is never tagging along with his older brother Danny Dingo and his scams. In Blinky Bill's Mothers Day he meets Nutsy's long-lost father Mr. Koala. In the following Blinky Bill's Wedding Picnic he breaks his right-leg.

  1. Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe
  2. Blinky Bill's Fund Run
  3. Blinky and the Red Car
  4. Blinky Breaks the Drought
  5. Blinky Saves Granny's Glasses
  6. Blinky Bill's Ghost Cave
  7. Blinky Bill and the Magician
  8. Detective Blinky
  9. Blinky and the Heart of the Tree
  10. Blinky Bill's Gold Mine
  11. Blinky and the Film Star
  12. Blinky Bill's Treasure Hunt
  13. Blinky Bill and Club Pet
  14. Blinky Leads the Gang
  15. Mayor Blinky Bill
  16. Who Is Blinky Bill?
  17. Blinky Bill's Mothers Day
  18. Blinky Bill's Wedding Picnic

Season twoEdit

He is still a member of the Blinky Bill Gang, though he still gets treated hostilely due to past-experiences sometimes. He still never supports Danny's antics, except in Blinky Bill and the Mystery Pollution. In Blinky Bill and the Earthquake he, like the rest of the gang, become stranded in the middle of nowhere and in the episodes after they all journey into the bush to find their way back home. In Blinky Bill and the Apple Thieves he was blamed for stealing apples from an apple-farm by the resident farmer and his son.

  1. Blinky the Hypnotist
  2. Blinky Bill and the Old Wombat's Home
  3. Blinky Bill and the Baby Show
  4. Blinky Bill Meets Mr. Echidna
  5. Blinky Bill and the House Guest
  6. Blinky Bill and the Mystery Pollution
  7. Blinky Bill's Blue Mystery
  8. Blinky Bill Goes Camping
  9. Blinky Bill and the Earthquake
  10. Blinky Bill Down on the Farm
  11. Blinky Bill Is Kidnapped
  12. Blinky Bill and the Lost Puppy
  13. Blinky Bill and The Winter's Tale
  14. Blinky Bill and the Polar Bears
  15. Blinky Bill and the Lighthouse
  16. Blinky Bill and the Apple Thieves
  17. Blinky and the Egg Rescue
  18. Blinky Bill's Holiday
  19. Blinky Bill and the Bird Smugglers
  20. Blinky Bill and the Crocodiles
  21. Blinky and Gretel
  22. Blinky Remembers Nutsy's Birthday
  23. Blinky Bill and the Real Estate Swindle
  24. Blinky Bill and the Feud
  25. Blinky Bill and the Possum Cinema
  26. Blinky Bill and the Balloon

Season threeEdit

He, along with Marcia and Splodge, one of the main characters in this season as it primarily focuses on Blinky and his mission of saving the circus-animals he, Nutsy and Flap marcia splodge and him had rescued while evading the season's main-villains Basil Circus and Cyril Circus, as a result he is seen in most episodes in season four in blinkys dingo band episode ten he meets Ling Ling penelope Yoyo Leo slipprey and Tico who now works for his siblings lead by Danny Dingo in shiftys old enemies siblings he meets his long lost siblings blacktooth hex cutter Loki and butch In season twelve in shiftys reunion he meets his long lost siblings spike marbles Andy Olaf Belle Molly rover in blinky bills adventures in dingositting he save Sonias life and sonias in love with him and jealous of nutsy

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Main article: Shifty Dingo/Gallery

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