Sirol is a freshwater crocodile who was not like other crocodiles.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

He is first seen asleep among rocks, somehow unnoticed by Blinky and co and they even snuggle up to him in their sleep. Though once both of them woke up and saw each other they all freak-out and took off (except for Marcia). After getting to know them Sirol tells how he got here cause he was never interested in the Iron Croc Contest, eventually getting sentenced going out on his own. Blinky and his friends pitied him and decided to toughen him up, Sirol was resistant at first but agreed. Eventually he was ready though he doubted he would be welcomed at all, luckily Blinky had disguised him with a pair of boxers turned into a mask. Sirol arrives and competes (Blinky and his gang secretly helping). Amazingly Sirol did win much to his family's surprise.


Sirol is seen as a wimp and big-softy, which branded him as an abomination, even by his own family (except his mother). However once he was toughened-up by the Blinky Bill Gang he became an impressive figure.


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