Slippery is a seal who can be a bit clumsy. In the circus he has performance with balloons. In Around the world adventure he leaves the gang first in Antarctica. He wears purple pants.

Bio in Season Three Edit


Slippery was born in Antarctica, then one day Skipper the Scurvy took him prisoner and gave him to Basil and Cyril Circus who placed him in their circus. There he lived a tormenting life along with several others (at least until the circus arrived in Green Patch, Australia and Blinky liberated Slippery and co).

Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon AdventureEdit

Slippery occupied the role of a performing seal, such as carrying a ball on his nose. When Blinky announced they would be leaving with a balloon-caravan he and the rest of the pack made their escape. In Antarctic Adventure Yoyo snaps at Slippery for his clumsiness (which usually got Yoyo hurt or humiliated back then). While Blinky angled the caravan Slippery falls out and onto the circus bros, who are allied with Skipper (Slippery's kidnapper in the past) and Slippery is held hostage. Blinky dives over and frees him, then distracts the circus bros while Slippery jumps into the water to warn his kind, and returning the favor to Blinky. Yoyo also apologizes for upsetting Slippery as the seal catapults Blinky over to the caravan out of the circus bros reach and launching the bros with the harpoon-gun. He later returns to the seal-colony and reunites with his parents, bidding farewell to Blinky and his crew. But he and the circus animals return to see blinky and his friends in blinkys dingo band he meets shifty Dingo Marcia and splodge and joins to live in Australia and joins blinkys gang he now lives in the river and plays ball in Greenpatch

Trivia Edit

Despite being a Weddell seal, Slippery is able to maneuver his hind-limbs directly underneath his body, making himself look more like a sea-lion instead (real seals are unable to do this).

Voiced by Edit

  • Keith Scott

Gallery Edit

Main article: Slippery/Gallery

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