This article is about the animated incarnation of the character. For other incarnations, see Splodge (disambiguation).
Splodge (CGI)
Splodge Blinky Bill movie (2015)
Vital statistics
Title Blinky Bill the Movie
Gender Male
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Splodge is a Kangaroo is the one Blinky's friends he wears a hat and a green and blue tshirt.

Personality Edit

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Blinky Bill the Movie Edit

Splodge the kangaroo appears in the new movie with Marcia and Robert watching Blinky, who knows the story that his father went to the sea of white dragons when they got the fruit bombs to teach Cranklepot. The next morning after Blinky feels upset at his mother he has to go find his father. Blinky told Splodge, Robert and Marcia the plan to prevent his mom from knowing that he has gone, and after Blinky with his new friends and his parents return all the way back home to Greenpatch Cranklepot tells everyone to bow the new king, but Blinky with Nutsy, Jacko, Jorge, William, Betty, Splodge, Robert and Marcia with the fruit bombs to smash the Goanna is a go.

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