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The Adventures of Blinky Bill Box Set 3 is now on DVD Box set released by Magna Pacific in 2006.


With Blinky Bill, the little koala, every day is full of fantastic surprises. At least thats what his friends Nutsy, Splodge, Flap and Marcia think. Come along with Blinky Bill and discover how much fun living in the bush can be.


Disc 1 Edit

  1. Blinky Leads the Gang
  2. Blinky Bill Finds Marcia Mouse
  3. Blinky and the Monster
  4. Blinky Saves Twiggy

Disc 2 Edit

  1. Mayor Blinky Bill
  2. Who Is Blinky Bill?
  3. Blinky Bill's Mothers Day
  4. Blinky Bill's Wedding Picnic

Disc 3 Edit

  1. Blinky Bill Down on the Farm
  2. Blinky Bill and the Old Wombat's Home
  3. Blinky Bill and the Baby Show
  4. Blinky Bill Meets Mr. Echidna