The Great Escape
Season 3, Episode 53
Great Escape
Air date 10 June 2004
Written by Phil Sanders
Directed by David Evans
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Blinky Bill and the Balloon

The Great Escape is the first episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


To Greenpatch arrives a Circus. Blinky wants to go but his mother forbids it. Blinky uses a moment when she isn't home and with Flap andNutsy and shifty and marcia and splodge go to the circus. Binky doesn't have a ticket and they penetrate to the circus without tickets. This circus is capturing amimals by two humans Cyril and Basil. Blinky thinks up a plan on how to rescue the animals. They use a caravan with a balloon and escape the Circus brothers.


Locations Edit


When Flap pushed the human-jacket off himself, his beak was yellow like his pants.


We learn that Blinky has an aunt and a newborn cousin.


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Coming Soon!

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