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The Master is Ling Ling's master. He was put in a cage in a human town but freed by Blinky Bill and his crew. He wears robes.

Bio in season threeEdit


He was Ling Ling's teacher in the art of magic, but Ling Ling got kidnapped during the training. At some point the master was put in a cage in a human-city that had been established over the panda's home, he himself was the only one who remained, possibly for years.

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala & Panda PandemoniumEdit

In the first episode, Ling Ling returns with her new friends Blinky Bill, Nutsy, Flap, Yoyo, Tico and Princess Penelope and after hearing of the master's current-whereabouts they went looking for him, even though they didn't know it was him. He is first found by Nutsy and Penelope, but they were captured by Basil Circus and Cyril Circus before they could inform the others. Ling Ling and Blinky then found him and the former, once again fallowing his teachings, freed him from the cage. He then distracted the bros so Blinky could save the others.

In the episode after he leads the squad to where The Panda Colony is staying now. He also tells the story of a dragon on a nearby mountain, though Ling Ling was resolute to go there if it meant finding more bamboo for her people, as her village's supply was running low, taking Blinky with her. He is later captured along with everyone else by the circus bros and Arthat, but were later saved by Blinky, Ling Ling and Tico. During the truck-ride Ling Ling expressed shame to him for going up the mountain, but the master didn't mind in the least. He was last seen settling in with The Mountain Guardians (the real inhabitants of the mountain).


The Master is shown to be smart much like his pupil Ling Ling, but like her some of the words he says isn't fully understood. He's also shown to be quite brave when necessary, able to distract the circus bros with his magic acts.