The Mountain Guardians are more Pandas who let Ling Ling and her family share their home.


They only appear in Panda Pandemonium. They are first seen stumbling upon Ling Ling and Blinky Bill. At first they wanted to arrest the two youngsters (possibly for trespassing), but somehow the younglings befriended them and they become allies (it can be assumed that Ling Ling and Blinky explained that they never meant any harm and why they had come), they reveal that the dragon on their mountain home was a statue that was meant to keep humans away and not other pandas, and were more than happy to accommodate The Panda Colony who were starving. They were seen welcoming the new arrivals and at some point repaired the main-character's flying-caravan after it was wounded by their statue. They were last seen settling with their new roommates.