The New Adventures of Blinky Bill was an Australian-live action series that featured actors, interacting with puppets that ran on ABC Television from 1984 to 1987. After production ended, it remained on air in repeats until 1991. Twenty-eight 26 minute episodes were made and the producer was Richard Smith. The show was a follow on from the original Blinky Bill books by Dorothy Wall. Set in the fictional Bollygum National Park, characters include Blinky Bill, Mrs Magpie, Angelina Wallaby and Walter Wombat from the books, and new characters such as Charlie Goanna, Eric Echidna, Sybilla Snake and Kerry Koala from the neighbouring fictional Acadia Ridge park.

Episode list Edit

Season 1 (1984) Edit

  1. Hello Stranger, Goodbye Ranger
  2. Ho-Ha at Bollygum
  3. Musical Wares
  4. Spaceship Shuttlecock

Season 2 (1985) Edit

  1. Stuck On Gumleaves
  2. Frills and Feathers
  3. High Water
  4. Computer Capers
  5. Mine Too!
  6. Bikies from Outer Space

Season 3 (1986) Edit

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Blues
  2. Legend in his Own Lunchtime
  3. Times Flies When You're Feeling Young
  4. Blinky Hits The Jackpot
  5. Not a Minute's Peace
  6. Twice Bitten
  7. The Visitor
  8. Food For Thought

Season 4 (1987) Edit

  1. Say Snake
  2. Hot Wheels
  3. A Time Of Testing
  4. Operation Gumdrops
  5. Media Wars
  6. April Fools
  7. School's In
  8. Brush With Danger
  9. Horseplay
  10. Diplomatic Relations

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