Numbat family
The Numbat Family are two numbats who invited Blinky to stay with them for the night.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

They are first shown seeing the Blinky Bill Gang in their garden and welcome them with open-arms. Mrs. Numbat had sown Blinky's strap back together after it was ripped by a tree branch. They then tell that a monster has been harassing them to get them to move away, which they don't want to do. Wallace the pig then arrives to offer the numbats a new home, letting them think about it. At night they were asleep until their monster broke into house, blowing its cover in the process. When the numbats saw that it was really Wallace and George the pig-duo they were enraged, sentencing the pigs to leave. Blinky and his friends had left in the midst of the interrogation but the numbats didn't notice until after the pigs left.


Like any parents the numbat family were generally loving. They did have children back then, but they have obviously moved out now, possibly having families of their own now.


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