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The Panda Colony is Ling-Ling's family.

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At one point one of their cubs, Ling-Ling, was kidnapped by Basil Circus and Cyril Circus to be their slave in their circus. At another point humans had demolished the panda's forest and turned it into a farmland and city. The colony was forced to move out for safety, though one of them, The Master, remained in their old home where he was taken to the city and kept in a cage.

Panda PandemoniumEdit

They were first seen hiding in a grove of bamboo, though once they recognized the master two of them came out and hug him, and when they identify their long-lost daughter Ling-Ling they couldn't be more happy. They were startled by Tico when he went flying, but the master settled their fear when he introduced him along with Blinky Bill, Nutsy, Flap, Yoyo and Penelope. Despite this reunion, the colony was facing famine: bamboo was running out. Blinky had suggested to go up a mountain to look for more, but all in the colony fear it due to the presence of dragon there: because of a legend that tells a group of pandas that had ventured up the mountain once were attacked by the dragon and never seen again. Despite this Ling-Ling was adamant to heading up the mountain if it meant saving her people, and Blinky joins her. When her parents found out they planed on stopping her but were interrupted by the Circus Bros. and Ah-Phat, who used puppets to drive them into a truck where they were all trapped. Luckily Ling-Ling and Blinky do return and with some help from Tico free everyone and take the truck, all they way up the mountain where the "dragon" and its creators The Mountain Guardians (who could be the pandas in the colony's legend) reside, who welcome the newcomers with open arms. They were last seen settling in their new home.

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