The Penguin Colony is the family of the Baby Penguin that considered Flap to be his mother and followed him around. He took him home to his mother named Norma.

Bio in season 3Edit

In "Polar Peril" (flashback only) while Flap was looking for Ling Ling he stumbles upon the penguins and got himself imprinted on by one of their chicks who fallowed him back to the caravan. In the episode after "Flap's New Family", he eventually admitted this to everyone else. Meanwhile when the chick's mother returns she was devastated to find her egg hatched and baby missing. The whole colony organized a search party but they themselves were found by the circus brothers and made their slaves. Luckily Flap and Blinky had come to return the chick and after rescuing the penguins the chick reunites with its mother. The penguins later return the favor by having Flap use their butts as stepping-stones so he could escape the circus bros, who attempted to fallow the same way only to be dropped into the water. They were last seen bidding farewell to the main-characters, the chick even saying Flap's name as well.

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