The Seabird is, of course a seabird (a little blue penguin to be exact). Blinky met him in a Lighthouse.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

He only appears in Blinky Bill and the Lighthouse. First seen in the lighthouse when he heard Blinky Bill's Gang knocking on his door, initially thinking it was his worst enemy Mrs. Skewer, until he opens it and welcomes them in. While showing the gang how the lighthouse works Mrs. Skewer crashes the party by dropping a clump of wet seaweed on the fire and while dodging he bruises his right-wing. Luckily the gang took-over. He also agreed to a truce with Skewer after hearing her son Suki had gone out to sea out of sympathy. After that ordeal was behind them he apologizes to Skewer for hurting her with the lighthouse and vice versa, assuming that either were aware that they were endangering each other back then. The next day he gave the gang a basket full of fruit before they left and was last seen bidding them farewell.


He is generally seen as friendly since he welcomed the Blinky Bill Gang into his home. He and Mrs. Skewer were sworn rivals since they saw each other as pests (and it is debatable if he was aware that he was hurting her with the lighthouse), but after Suki was saved they seem to have reached a compromise.


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