The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill


Steve Cooper
Andrew Collins
Richard Simmons


Giula Sandler
Tim Lee
Cleon Prineas
Jane Schneider
Zoe Harrington
Charlotte Rose Hamlyn
Bruce Griffiths
Fin Edquist
Richie Conroy
Rachel Spratt
Pete Reeves
Barbara Deignan
Adam Smith

Based on

Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall


Cam Ralph
Akmal Saleh
Peter McAllum
Charlotte Hamlyn
Rupert Degas
Jim Pike
Bridle Connell
Jamie Croft
Nathan Harvey
Beth Armstrong
Ash Ricardo

The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill is an Upcoming Australian animated television series based on Dorothy Wall's books about Blinky Bill.


Blinky Bill is back to bring his trademark mischief, mayhem, and humour to life. Along with his best mate and sidekick Jacko, Blinky takes on the role as defender of his outback home, Greenpatch.


Coming Soon!


New charactersEdit


Voice CastEdit

Trivia Edit

  • This of new CGI animation of Blinky Bill TV Series after the feature full-length animated-film of Blinky Bill the Movie.
  • The first appearances of Pablo, Bandi, Coot, Sugar, Spike Eddy, and Ms Tibbins on the new TV series

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