The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill is an Upcoming Australian animated television series based on Dorothy Wall's books about Blinky Bill.


Blinky Bill is back to bring his trademark mischief, mayhem, and humour to life. Along with his best mate and sidekick Jacko, Blinky takes on the role as defender of his outback home, Greenpatch.


  1. Brain Freeze - When a scorcher of a day sends everyone troppo, Blinky and Jacko set out to find the only known cure. 
  2. The Bunyip Hunter - Blinky and Jacko investigate an alarming increase in honey theft.
  3. New Sheriff In Town - Greenpatch is in need of a new law enforcer as it’s slam poetry battle looms, and Sheriff Jacko is up for the job.
  4. Cranky the Clown - Blinky and Jacko set out to save Spike’s birthday from Cranky.
  5. Blinky The Brave - Blinky and Jacko must rescue the town from the endless swooping tyranny of Magpie Season.
  6. Poopy Trudy - Blinky and Jacko happen upon a lost doll they mistake for a human baby.
  7. It's A Date - Blinky and Jacko help Pablo on their most difficult mission yet: a quest for love.
  8. Sir Claude's Last Life - Blinky and Jacko cut a deal to protect Greenpatch when they discover Claude has lost 8 of his 9 lives.
  9. Jurassic Burrow - Blinky and Jacko embark on an epic journey through the catacombs of Wombo's burrow.
  10. Rainbows & Princes - Blinky and Jacko fall through a rainbow and help a snotty frog princess find her prince.
  11. Mystery Ball - A mysterious talking ball lands in Greenpatch and has the townsfolk enraptured with its wise words. 
  12. Freaky Frillday -  Jacko wakes up with a case of the jumps but Blinky's cure works a little too well.
  13. Notions Eleven - Blinky launches a rescue mission with a crack team of professionals when Jacko is lizard napped.
  14. Attack Of The Extra-Tree-Restrials - Blinky and Jacko set out to protect the town from mind melding aliens.
  15. Robert's Sound - Blinky and Jacko embark on a treasure hunt to recover Robert's lost glasses.
  16. Cloud Catchers - Blinky takes to the skies on a mission to bring a rain cloud back to Greenpatch.
  17. The Ultimate Prey - Blinky and Jacko decide to amp up the annual class bush survival walk.
  18. Box World - Blinky and Jacko are transported to an imaginary land called Box World.
  19. Crazy Golf - Blinky invents a game so fantastic that Mayor Cranky bans everyone but himself from playing.
  20. Outbreak Into Song - Then, a catchy tune causes mayhem and spreads through Greenpatch.
  21. The Crankynator - Blinky unwittingly unleashes a force of horrifying cleanliness when he invites Cranky's mother to visit Greenpatch.
  22. Time Machine - A dangerous croc is rumoured to be closing in on Greenpatch.
  23. Mine For the Taking - Blinky and Jacko search for gold on a quest to retrieve Blinky's compass.
  24. The Escape - Mayor Cranky's annual lecture looms and Blinky must find a way to get out of it.


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Trivia Edit

  • This of new CGI animation of Blinky Bill TV Series after the feature full-length animated-film of Blinky Bill the Movie.
  • The first appearances of Pablo, Bandi, Coot, Sugar, Spike Eddy, and Ms Tibbins on the new TV series

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