Tico's Choice
Season 3, Episode 69
BB S3e17
Air date 26 June 2004
Written by Lisa Hoppe
Directed by David Evans
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Double Trouble
Poisoned Penelope

Tico's Choice is the seventeenth episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


Deeper in the Amazon jungle, Blinky meets a colony of toucans, who find Tico familiar. Tico directs Blinky's gang to the river and Blinky finally realizes Tico's loyalty lies with Basil. Tico helps the Circus Bros. trap the toucans as well as Blinky's gang. Feeling betrayed, Tico rescues everyone and send the Circus Bros. in the river. Tico decides to stick with Blinky's Gang.



South AmericaEdit

  • TBA



Coming Soon!

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