Tico Takes Charge
Season 3, Episode 72
BB S3e20
Air date 29 June 2004
Written by Lisa Hoppe
Directed by David Evans
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All at Sea
Tiger Taming

Tico Takes Charge is the twentieth episode of Blinky Bill Season 3.


Blinky's gang arrive at India followed by the Circus Bros. on a plane who soon fall off having not buckled their seatbelts and meet 3 jugglers who are Magid the Bear, Alsana the Mongoose and Sanjay the Rat. Then a man takes Yoyo and puts him in a truck with the jugglers and drives off. While the jugglers perform the man who is Mr. Rashid is revealed that he steals people's wallets and people chase him off and get Yoyo freed. Then Tico decides to be the director for the Jugglers and has finally got a home and Blinky decides to find more monkeys related to Yoyo.






Coming Soon!

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