Wallace and George
Wallace and George are two feral pigs who fooled Blinky by being a monster.

The Adventures of Blinky BillEdit

They are first seen when Shifty Dingo stumbles upon them who initially thought they were monsters. They offered to give the gang some luxury but were turned-down. They then come to the home of The Numbat Family, where Wallace daydreams about building it into a day-spa for pigs. Wallace then comes to the numbats to offer them a new home, letting them think about it. When night fell the pigs got into a monster costume and were stalking the Blinky Bill Gang who went looking for it, and when they did find it they took off. Blinky tried negotiating to no avail, and began luring it away before making a dash back to the numbat's house, but the monster bashed through the door, accidentally unmasking itself as the very pigs. The numbats were angry and banished them away, where they're later given a taste of their own medicine by Blinky and his friends, sending them running and are never seen again.


Both pigs are shown to behave like Scooby-Doo villains; they tried to frighten off the numbat couple with a monster-costume just for turning their home into a pig-resort. Wallace is the pink pig who seems to be the most strategic. George is the brown pig who sometimes gets irritated at his partner-in-crime.


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