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Who Is Blinky Bill?
Season 1, Episode 24
Who is Blinky Bill
Air date 24 January 1993
Written by John Palmer
Directed by Yoram Gross
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Who Is Blinky Bill? is the twenty-fourth episode of Blinky Bill Season 1.


To Greenpatch come famous architect Mr.Awkraide with  his wife and son. Their son Algenon is a look like Blinky but has a different personality and Nutsy admires him, concequently Blinky doest like him but Blinky and Algenon swap their identities for a new experience, causing confusion for their parents and Ms. Magpie. Algenon is useless against Dingoes gang and Blinky must punish rude dingoes when bully Algenon. Nutsy tell Blinky she like that Blinky is naughty boy.


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